Inidgo problems & questions


recently I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed and well it sparked a few project ideas in my head.

If you havent played the game and plan to, and dont want to be spoiled, read no further.

So I figured I’d recreate the Abstergo part of the game (more or less accurately). So I started with the bathroom which was “nicely” given to Desmond Miles. Now I ran into one problem, basically the glass material Im using (which is the same as in my interior design project I started a week or two ago) isnt working anymore. Now I thought it was because I changed the lighting setting from “Physical Sun/Sky” to “None (lit by mesh emitters)”.

Current render

Now as you can see its completely black which is well ugly annoying and problematic. My light setup for this is 2 mesh emitters (1 pale blue and 1 white). I still have to play with it a bit because ultimately I’d like to “constrain” the blue light near its source and have the rooms ambient light coming from the white source (I hope that made the least bit of sense).

I’m also wondering how to go about creating tiles for the floor. Basic square tiles (displacement modifier? bump map?).