Initial Camera Tracking Commit by Sergey Sharybin

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Click here for the commit.
Click here to download (for win 32)

What’s new?

New Movie Clip Editor.

Here is the screenshot.;base64,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

Tried it seems to work just fine.
But at this point it is “nothing more” than just loading a video file and playing it back =)

Is there a reason why it is named Movie Clip Editor and not Camera Tracking? will it be used for other things as well?

Is this supposed to eventually replace the VSE’s “Preview” mode?

A small step for a coder, but a big step for the entire Blender community :slight_smile:

The beginnings, yes, still awesome of an epic,
'cause you just can tell its going to be something useful!

Cheers all around I say! raises a bottle of ye’ olden beer :slight_smile:

And no hoax this time.

This is what I think:
Video Sequence Editor = Layering many videos
MovieClip Editor = Editing single videos with tools for compositing

Wouldnt it be great if every clip/scene that gets loaded into the sequence editor gets its own “compositor space”? That way you could just right click a video/scene in the Sequencer and select “Edit with compositor” to do more advance compositing using the in and out points of the video/scene. Think of it as a mix between After Effects Precomps and Nukes workflow…

This is how it could work:

  1. Cut the video/scene footage in the Video Sequencer.
  2. Right click the clips/scenes that needs effects(matchmoving, keying, color correction) and choose “Edit with compositor”
  3. Edit the selected clip/scene in the Compositor.

I’m quite exited about this.
Looking forward to try it.

All that you need to add is an animatable Rectangle object!!

@zelen3d you mean a 2d plane in the 3d view? :stuck_out_tongue:

New features added. Read the latest commit.

Click here to download (Win32)


This may be a dumb question but why is not the camera tracking tools connected to the compositor?

Here is how I thought it would work:
Lens Correction Node
Node for correcting lens distortion
Input1: Movieclip
Input2: Render Layer (optional)
Output1: Corrected footage
Output2: Distorted 3d footage

Mask Node
Node for creating masks/roto.
Output1: Alpha

Camera Tracker Node
Node with all the camera tracker tools.
Input1: Movieclip
Input2: Area to track (mask or alpha) (optional)

Camera Noise Node
Node for adding/copying camera noise
Input1: Movieclip (optional)
Output1: Camera Noise
Output2: Alpha

Of course, this would also mean that the UV/Image Editor gets caching.

There has been exhaustive disussion about this by the devs, I believe that currently Ton would like the tracker to remain as a black box. That is a seperate function that is not yet integrated into Blender, until it works correctly.
Have a look at this thread for more detail:

2D tracking integrated!
Here’s some more info about this weeks progress:

And here’s a video:

this is fantastic!

Basic 2d tracking has already been implemented. That isn’t the hard part though…

Well 2d tracking may not seem cool but it makes nodes and colour correction much more powerful. And I guess you could do plane distotion too, to track flat objects into a scene.

I think something like this would be very powerful, where the artist can do node based compositing on the clips.

2d tracking is a great start… 3d tracking ftw!!!