initial position question

(slikdigit) #1

got a bit of a question for everybody:
I’ve been creating characters with ‘cleared’ positions and rots, i.e. at 0,0,0, facing forward, head up, with the armature fitting into the character, also at the same pos/rot.
I noticed in some downloaded blends (to my surprise) that the unkeyed position/rotation is not neccessarily (for characters) like this.
Is there a benefit to doing things this way? Are you all creating your chars in the ‘blank’ default, and then rotating them to suit a particular animation/setup?
I’m still going to continue doing things my way because it soothes my small mind. But I am curious about other opinions.
There’s a few more silly armature questions I’d like to ask. I’ll see if anyone cares to answer this one first…

(Hos) #2

I create my characters and rigs so that they are
facing you when you press numpad_1. This is needed
for the “Paste Flipped Pose” button to work correctly.


(slikdigit) #3

woah! which button is that! (I should have read the release notes more carefully when I had the chance)

(theeth) #4

whenever you enter pose mode, three new buttons will appear in the header of the 3D window. Those buttons are “Copy pose to buffer”, “Paste pose from buffer” and “Paste flipped pose from buffer”.


(slikdigit) #5

thanks! :smiley: :smiley: . can’t wait to try it tonight.
ps: I’ve been using “the animators survival kit” and blender2.25 to learn animation and walkcycling. This feature should really help.
pss: really good book. I recommend it to anyone learning animation. Might even be usefull to those who are proficient.