Ink art material.

Newest shots and file:

Here is the starter file I made:

Hi, We had a material package for truescape called Dark tree I think. It had a nice cartoon shader that had crisp outlines.
I am trying to make a material like that here:

I used the material node system for the shading, there is no light involved in the above render.

I am very happy with my results so far, it really brings out details in the teapot.

Is there a more efficient way to get an outline around my models?
I would like a very definite outline all the way around my models. The Edge rendering feature makes very jagged lines that are hard to control, I would much rather use the node system :smiley:

Here is the blender file , so you guys can try it out.

Sweet! Just what i needed for my VJ sets, I was looking for something non realistic without going through a third-party program using filters! And the fact that you don’t use lighting is perfect I love using emit for my abstract loops, this will fit in perfectly. Thanks for posting the .blend. Never used nodes before this is perfect for me to explore!

In fact it is very similar to the effect in the movie “A Scanner Darkly” which i much appreciated, though you are using uniform colors, have you tried fiddling with multiple colors on each mesh?

there is a wiki about nodes in blender rendering or something that talks about the really complex mathematical outlining nodes, so search around in theret if u want

soz i dont have the link :slight_smile:

VERY cool shader!
Nice work!

The traditional way to do outlines in a toon shader is to work with the Z buffer and do a Sharpen Mask on the Z buffer data.

Glad you like it ph8!

Cool masster! I will go and look there.

Hi Brammie22, I am glad you like it! hope you can use it.

Thank you ypoissant, Do you mean to use the material node Zbuffer for the outline, or to do it with the composite nodes and the compositor?I dont see a sharpen filter in the material node system.

Thanks everyone for the tips :slight_smile:

Have you seen the sketch renderingtutorial? He uses nodes to get some control the of the edge renders.

Orinoco, thank you! that link you showed me how to isolate the edge, so I could run a blur filter on it. Now I can use the edge rendering ,and get an ultra smooth edge.
This looks very nice to me.:

Here is the starter file I made:
It has all the basic colors above, so it is an easy place to start from.
Here is where you can make your own colors :
The top color is the darkest color you want, and the bottom is the lightest color it can be. All of the other colors are automatically calculated :slight_smile:

Blender’s node system is becoming more and more easy for me! I wish I would have tried to learn it earlier.

I am going to play with the compositor a bit more to get some nice lighting effects.
I would like to get my outline a bit more dark too.

The unsharp mask is produced by bluring an image and then subtracting the original image from the blured one.

Actually, toon lines are done from both the Z buffer and the normal buffer. The Z buffer will help get the contouring lines while the normal buffer will help get the internal edge lines. In both case, you can extract lines with a unshrp mask. The blur radius will give you control on line thickness but once you start playing with the unsharp mask, you will quickly realize that you have a ton of different ways to control the final look.

Toon lines are usually a post process step done on high resolution Z buffer and normal buffer renders. The toon shading must be done at render time.

I’m a new Blender user and I have only a very small experience with the nodes so I’m not too sure how to do that in Blender though. For instance, I know that there is a Z buffer available but I don’t know if it is normalized between 0 and 1 so you may have to scale the Z values.

User error on this side?? Trying to download your files from SaveFile but it says 'Unable to Connect" Like your efforts, love to play with the file. Can you post it some other way, if not PM will work. Thank you for sharing.