Ink render

This is a render test, i wanted to see if it is possible to make quick ink effect.
I use ramps and bichromatic textures. The main problem is that I didn’t find a way to keep the textures always illuminated with ramp still applying. (emit value affect the shadows )This give some gray shades that i remove with gimp (noise+treshold). The color is simply a color balance.

I want use these settings for an animation.

The scene has 55polys.

55 polys??? I guess you used a photo for the texture of the laptop… box modelled the laptop and then just threw a photograph as a texture? looks good :slight_smile:

yes that’s it :slight_smile:

heh heh. In the words of the two Guiness draught beer inventors, BRILLIANT!

by the way, I forgot to ask… I need help with a render… my render “zachboy’s tree” is taking way too long…any advise? all the info is on the second to the last post.


Good ink render, but boy it’s bright :o