does anyone have any suggestions on what colours i should be using for this character.
her name is Dark, she can only live in shadows [very cliche i know] that’s just the simple explanation i’m trying to create a short film, fully rigged with facial shapekey deformities.
so what colour pallet, textures, and materials should i be using, or should i be thinking about changing the costume rather than the colour so much
cycle render 200 samples


this is the scene i want her placed in, although the area will be a lot darker, the block like walls will have more reflective properties like a carpaint material. only 50 samples, couldn’t wait that long, need faster pc for rendering

Need faster pc? Just get a Nvidia GPU and render with that, it’s alot faster.

As for the scene, it looks fantastic and I can’t really point out anything to change at this point. Great work!

+1 to the Nvidia cards. They work pretty well with Blender. BTW, I love the box walls in the background.

thanks heaps man :slight_smile:
5 years teaching myself and i’ve finally made something worthy to publish :smiley:

this is one of the props i’ll be using, it’s a necklace jewel, luminescent. 100 samples,


Huh. Y’know, even though you intended this post (#6) merely to be a depiction of a prop … it’s really a beautiful image in its own right. It’s totally abstract, and yet, artistic. :slight_smile:

wow thank you so much for that compliment :slight_smile: really appreciate it. :smiley:

I agree. Would make a lovely background.