Inkscape 0.47 release date ?

Does anyone know more less when it will be release ?

It is going to be HOT !

Pattern over path fx
and much more !

I haven’t heard anything about a concrete release date, but yeah, the next release will be amazing.

Release Notes for 0.47 can be read here. I’m mostly excited about:

  • Improved and new Live Path Effects
  • Spiro mode for the Pen and Pencil tool
  • Updated Tweak mode.

Even though it’ll be a year since the last release, 0.47 won’t disappoint. The devs have been hard at work.

I’ve been playing with the nightly builds on Ubuntu. You can grab them here. Not sure whether there are any on other platforms.

Personally the feature I’m excited about is their OpenMP support.

Inkscape seems to be getting to be a powerhouse among vector apps.

Now the big 3 open source apps. for digital content creation will truly be Blender, GIMP, and Inkscape.

The only feature that would truly impress me is for my tablet to stop freezing while running the program (I know, GTK side, but still).

they really need to add the gradient mesh type thing tho…

Yup, that too.

I used Inkscape intensively for about a month and it was a bug ridden mess.(so is Illustrator for that matter).

Hope this release is more stable, although I doubt it with the new features.

inkscape is a really nice program and it’s often very useful.

BUT: I tried to do the printings on a black jack table and I failed miserably with inkscape. I just couldn’t align the player boxes to a curve ;( It works with text objects but not with anything else… ;(

Desired outcome:

So I did it in Blender :evilgrin:
I must say that I’m a bit proud that I found a nice Blender work-around for my lack of inkscape skill :cool: (or the missing function in inkscape, I don’t know)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to verison 0.47


bjprint.blend (175 KB)