Inkscape format

I was just wondering, I need to make a Logo for a church and Would they be able to use the default file type to use in things like documents or shirt graphics. Or should I save it as another file type for them to use?

Will the people making the shirts for them be able to use it in the normal .svg format.

And how can they like inport it in word to use in documents and flyers?

Thank you so much.

You will probably have to export your work in png, in resolution needed for the documents in question.

Actually, if you want to keep it in a vector format, I’d push it out to eps or ai… and I’ve usually gotten more consistant results going to eps.

Okey um… so what exactly is .eps format, and will my clients be able to view it without Inkscape.

A little internet searching goes a long way, bud ;).

EPS - Encapsulated Postscript. It’s just about the most generic vector format available. It’s generally accepted anywhere and fairly universal. Many printers request this format or pdf.

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Um one more quick question, why can’t Inkscape open the eps file? And how can I view it to see if it’s good.

I’m searching too now, lol but haven’t found anything yet

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Okey I searched and found these out. Thanks

And for those of you following along, Inkscape can open eps files. It uses pre-existing conversion tools to help, so you’ll likely need those installed (ps2edit, IIRC). There was a GSoC project idea related to improving it using Scribus’ library, but I’m not sure of the status of that.

It’s a pretty good bet that the person working at the screenprinters is NOT using Inkscape, so you’ll want to make sure you’re giving them what they need. The newest versions of Illustrator can import SVG, but it isn’t a widely known format in printing/press so you may get some strange looks. Also, if they aren’t running the most current version of Illustrator, they’ll have issues getting SVG into their app (or may not get it in at all.)

If you must send an SVG to someone, make sure to save from Inkscape as ‘Plain SVG’ as that takes a lot of the Inkscape specific stuff out of the file and means less for the parser (importer in their app) to have to go through.

Like Fweeb said, eps is probably your best bet for print as it is a vector format. I would definitely NOT give the printers a raster based format (like PNG) as there isn’t any way for them to do proper spot color separations from them (no way to introduce a proper bleed, etc.) You really should have that built into your logo file that you give them already so that they can generate their seps. (If you aren’t doing spot color, it isn’t as big of a deal.)

For ‘office application’ use, you’ll likely want to supply a PNG/TIFF/BMP. A lot of people will have problems putting an EPS file into an office application as they may only get to output the document to a postscript device unless the app has a built in PS interpreter (not likely). To make it easier for them, just supply a good quality raster-based image so they can view it on screen and print it on a desktop printer easily.