InkScape implimentation

I know it will probably never happen. Just think about it tho, blender does everything in lines, curve or not. so it bakes the colors and gradients, you set the quality (how many colors it will export to), then it converts the mesh into a series of curves based relative to the UV lines of the visible mesh. I only suggest incscape implimentation because its free, so half the work is done already. Like i said, i know it will likely never hapen, but there is no reason why it cant.

and this works in vise versa also. blender could convert the lines of an SVG into curves. of course doing it this way leaves little to no room to make it in 3d, but this does not mean it can not create a 2d set of curves from the lines of the SVG, or perhaps even EPS.

Are you aware of the import SVG addon?

I remember Blender being a 24 mb install. My last Blender install was 176 mb, still small compared to let’s say Photoshop at over 1 GB, but whilst it might be a good idea and I would love to see Blender have every bell and whistle adding Inkscape IMO it would just “bloat” Blender for the little use it would get. :slight_smile:

SVG texture input will pe great because it is resolution independent! That specifically will be great for fabric bump maps!!!

ok, so make the inkscape piece into an add on that can be downloaded from the inkscape/blender website.

like i said, i dont think we will see it atny time soon, if at all, and i am aware of the import svg, but imagine all the things you could do with blender if you could export svg. people say you cant do it because it is line based and blender is pixel based, but while you are in the browser it seems to scale just fine like a vetor. it wouldnt be difficult to use the save line data from the lines and verts to make lines in svg IMHO.

transforming curve or poly verts into camera space or image space and saving that to svg format is pretty much possible and i imagine it not to be too difficult. It’s just a lot of work and someone would need to do it …

Please elaborate on the things that you imagine you could do, that you can’t do now. It might help to sell your idea bit better.

Swift3D can render to vector stuff (it was mainly created to be used with Flash), but doesn’t seem to have any Blender integration. I don’t know that it’s super necessary for Blender to do it, since if you wanted a bigger version you can just re-render it that way.

That said, I wouldn’t mind having some better drawing/painting tools in texture paint mode. Bezier curves, masking, fill/gradient fill, layers, things like that.

but lets say it took 7 hours to render, than an svg, tho lower quality at large sizes would be nice. people make 3d websites, now they can make scalable parts in ECMA. As mentioned, it would be nice for flash. people also use blender for logos, and logos can then be vector. understood, just render bigger, IN THEORY, but what if your making a sign in 3d, like a ribbon sign, again, svg. im just saying it would widen the cad area of blender

It is very close that you can export svg from blender.
The freestyle renderer by T.K and others draws the lines in just about any way you want. It is already streamlined much like any other vector renderer. It even has a .svg output module written for it. The only thing missing is to be able to export svg from the parameters editor instead of a python module. This way you could mark selected edges/outlines to draw in 3d and export it directly.
This (and face intersections) are the only thing missing for freestyle to rule the drawing output capabilities of blender!

Or maybe you wat cekuhnen suggests, which would need something like vectex:

It is very old though and no longer actively supported… which is so sad as it is really really cool :frowning: