inkscape school logos

hey fellahs,

i had a thread a long time ago about a logo i attempted in blender…but after seeing drew’s vector sketchbook or whatever on this forum i fell in love with inkscape so i’ve been doing tons of stuff in it since.

so i redid the logo, and added a little idea to the top left of a cca thingy (the name of my school):

and now that the basketball season’s over, we’re playing our parents and teachers in a players vs. parents game. they wanted to be the visigoths (so named by my history teacher :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: he would only play if he got to name the team…but i think it’s good for the players that he’s playing lol) so i made up a visigoths logo for them and they’re going to make tshirts and stuff. o and my aunt (she’s a graphic artist) helped me out a bit on this one:


i love the second one.
I hope the players win too lol

Wow those are OK! I make those type of pics as well. Would you like to see them?

is that the final for both of them jason?

Both are ok

well the visigoth one is final (my headmaster just sent them to the tshirt printing place). the first one looks crappy in the attachment preview…and the typeface is definitely not done.


sure, red yoshi, i’d love to!

This is a lion I drew on paper + scanned in. It’s going on a logo of a local homeschool co-op.:yes:

I never knew 'bout inkscape until you started this thread! Thank you!:smiley: It is really fun! (not as fun as Blender though!:p)

good, glad u like inkscape! for your sake, simplify that logo quite a bit. logo’s are where u can get really stylized, which i personally like. and that one toe looks a bit weird…too fat and the nail’s too skinny

Thank you for you critiq! I never noticed that nail! :o
Is this any better?

I am new to the cg world. This is the first grafic that I am making for a friend. I did not know that this subforum existed 'till I saw your thread. I am not taking any money for the logo. But I want it to be quality all the same. Are there any other issues? I did fix the toe + simplify.
Thank you sooo much.

RedYoshi - Personally I like detail, but with logos I have to admit ‘less is more’ most of the time.
As an design example, this is a red circle with one white shape in the centre…

Sorry to hijack the thread a little there Jason. The falcon one works well, but its no match for a mighty viking…

Good stuff,

Tell you what guys. I will redo the logo, and then strat a completly new thread. That way Jason has his thread back.

hey no problem guys - i dont think i’m going to do much more with this thread.

yeah i’m not taking any money for mine either, but i want the best cuz it’s my school :).

and it should be one color…index it or just scan it into inkscape using only one color.

hey and our arch rivals, veritas academy, are the monarchs, and have a lion logo.