Inkscape SVG's Not Importing

Am trying to import SVG’s (usually drawn in inkscape), but - after I run through all the import steps - nothing shows up at all. Not in the 3D view, nor in the outliner.

Any ideas as to how to correct this, please?

Thank you!!!


Must clarify the question a bit.

I found out regular design elements (circles, squares, spirals) are importing okay, but TEXT objects (which is what I was directed to use Inkscape for) are not importing.

The recommendation was not to use EPS files, but SVG, but the nature of this extension is still new to me.

Any help with importing text from inkscape is much welcomed.

99% of the time it does not work to import Inkscape SVG to Blender unless:

You combined all your objects to one path - merge objects, make objects to paths.
You save as “Plain SVG” and not as “Inscape SVG” as set per default.

Got it. Thank you.

I had become aware of the Plain SVG export issue, but what actually made it work was combining all objects to one path.

In the case of the text, I just selected the text, went into the Path menu in Inkscape, and then just clicked Object to Path. Then Exported as a Plain SVG and imported into Blender. And it worked fine.

BTW, I am new to Inkscape, but as I experiment with it - it really is a nice little app. It creates all kinds of cool path effects which would be otherwise very difficult to attain in Blender.

Well, just outline it, eh? :slight_smile:

  1. Select text object
  2. Path > Object to Path

P.S Oh, damn, I should have read the thread till the end. Sorry about the noise :slight_smile: