Inkscape vs. Adobe Illustrator

I want to know how close is Inkscape ot Adobe Illustrator because I don’t want to have Inkscape take up memory like dogwaffle did for me. So can you tell me how good is Inkscape.

This thread (and likely your other one as well) belongs in the “Other Software” forum.

That said, install Inkscape. It’s good.

if your computer can’t handle a 10mb download or a paint program that’s the least of your problems…

I personally haven’t found inkscape to be good for much of anything. Download it if you want, but u’ll just end up sticking with illustrator

Yeah if I can afford Inkscape.

Yeah if I can afford Inkscape.

Inkscape is open-source, you don’t need to pay for it.

@Alex_G i think the n00bert(V- read this.) here ment illustrator.
:stuck_out_tongue: dl inkscape!! and find out your self!!

Xara LX is also very good. It all depends on the out put you are trying to get… What are you wanting to using then for?

A skilled artist could do what ever they want with any of the three. :wink:

One I need a texture maker because Gentica is too expensive. This texture maker has to be easy and I want to make them quickly.
2 I need a picture maker that I can make pictures that are very complicated and easy to use.

I want a magic tablet that allows me to draw only a simple line, then it’s software would grow what I imagined in my head out of that line.

Ok your a bit all over the place innit?.. :slight_smile:
Vector applications aren’t really used for making textures (more web, magazines & 2D animations).

The best way is to manually make your textures (those generaters do not make very good realistic textures). You can use plugins like (for Gimp) Texturize & (for PS) imageSynth (proprietary) to help make them tileable but again it’s best to go & manually do that too ([here’s a gimp tutorial]( issue/58/Tiling_in_Gimp.pdf)).

Also there are lots of sites where you can get free textures (like to help you get started.

thanks for pointing out xara, I’ve never known a software that could help me make fine lines (which I struggle with free handed), so it’s a bit of a help.
fast test:

Inskcape is fine for vector. The less than 5 minutes (close to a minute) I was using Inskcape to work with a premade file, was enough to tell illustrator is superior. It just has so many other abilities. It far from Gimp vs. Photoshop.

While I’m still using Illustrator and prefer it, from my experiences with Inkscape it’s an excellent example of a quality open source graphics application. The developers have taken attention to detail to do things well with a reasonable eye to usability. I’d say Inkscape’s far, far closer to competing with Illustrator than GIMP is to Photoshop, especially since rather than just aping the other trying to make a lame knockoff, Inkscape has a number of cool features of its own.

I think they all have something to offer. throughout school I had access to corel (entire suite, vector and raster), adobe, and opensource (gimp and inkscape.

and I used them all!

I really love the freehand in inkscape (way less messy than corel… waay better algorithms for tracing movement). I love the workflow and easy tool access of gimp, I love the all-in-oneness of corel, and I really like the power of adobe.

bottom line, try them all! and if you computer can handle it, use them all. They’re all compatible, and they all have alot to offer.

Inkscape is a great program… try it! I also really like how .SVG (it’s native format, actually an open source standard it adopted) can be opened by mozilla and (i thiink) opera! web vector gfx! who’da thaught it. (other than macromedia that is…)

now all we need is an open source macromedia flash so we can have more weird comparison threads and I can ramble some more!

Inkscape is useful, but its very simple in some areas. Great SVG support. For texturing Gimp will be your best choice. Gimpshop if you like photoshop interface. Also check out Sodipodi. They are free, after all.

You see I’m not very good when it comes to 2D design it is a true challenge to me so I need help designing textures and stuff hey but it will eventually come to me.