Inkscape's return to active development is confirmed with the 0.92 beta release

And considering that it’s one of the only options period when it comes to free tools for vector graphics, it is a good thing too.

Release notes

It’s a pleasant surprise really, because until recently I thought they were going to join the ranks of stagnated FOSS projects (you can tell with the logs which is decent for Open Source). In general, this should at least be a boon to Blender developers who might need to design new icons for 2.8 (considering that they were made in this app.), and if Cycles ever gets support for rendering native vector textures a boon for many others as well.

Freestyle to SVG export is at least one pipe available internally for vector graphics production.

I´m quite sure there was some development before release too… I have an idea for a nice non-clickbait title: “Inkscape 0.92 beta released!”

At the speed which Krita is developing, with the announcement of their latest Kickstarter which includes the addition of basic vector tools ( )… Inkscape will need to keep active or risk being eclipsed. (not in the short term of course:) )

It seems as though the Krita team has found a sweet and sustainable model for development, I’m thoroughly impressed at what they’ve achieved… they may successfully bury GIMP as well.

Try this addon:

It’s a little tricky to get working properly, but I like the output results better than the Freestyle version.

As for Inkscape, I really like it. It reminds me of CorelDraw, which I miss.

Those are good news, since unlike in Blender - you can’t just download a buildbot with a fixed bug report, but have to wait for a release.
I really love Inkscape and don’t want to see it vanish.

Build downloads of inkscape:

Build downloads of Gimp:


Yesss! Thank you!

You folks could also look into

Krita still has a ways to go before it’s considered a replacement for both The GIMP and Inkscape, because Krita is being developed as a specialized application for painting and that means things like general image editing is considered a low priority (if it exists that is).

So I doubt they will bury The GIMP because it is not their direction, whether or not it will pass Inkscape depends on how far they want to push the vector tools after they get the rest of the basics like text in.

This is great news, I use Inkscape all the time.

I you sure you are not just pulling out one of those worn out chestnuts that Krita is behind The GIMP maybe do a tool by tool comparasion to see what’s what.

Wasn’t it the Krita Team themselves that stated they were not going to focus on general image editing?

I would agree that Krita buried the GIMP in the area of painting, but GIMP unfortunately is still the best that FOSS has been able to muster for general 2D photo/image editing (and it also would be at risk of finally falling into obscurity if not for Photoshop’s low-cost alternatives not supporting Linux)

Slight pedantic note: it’s just GIMP, no ‘The’.

Oops:cool:, Pulp Fiction on the brain.

If I may just ask, how do you people arrive at these fancy conclusions? What are the triggers to make this sort of impression?

Jeez, relax. Inkscape isn’t going anywhere. They have devoted programmers. Jabier alone makes lots of interesting stuff with LPE and other tools, and Tav makes sure SVG specification has useful features for artists.

Yup works continue… steady & sturdy.
Some believe that: “If you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.” and also that “Electricity can vanish.” :smiley:

“Return to active development” huh? Was worried for a second, but looking through the commit history of 2016 alone shows a sure and steady flow of commits. Looks quite active to me actually.

In any case, yay for 0.92 beta. I’m using Inkscape often for many years now. It has, among others, great path tools and very useful snapping modes, suits me well. Thanks Inkscape devs. :slight_smile:

What I meant by that was that the Inkscape release earlier this year was the first one in a long while (no 2015 releases). This newest release is really showing that they are starting to get back to a decent release schedule and debunking notions that development was slowing down.