Inkulator9000 - opensource NPR
Export to Wavefront OBJ and Bob’s your uncle. Exports AI, possibly more formats will be added. Also a good idea to give feedback, as the author is trying to get it to import as many flavors of OBJ as possible.

This thing is COOL AS

very nice - it would be grat if it could import animations (sequences of objects or through bone deformation) and export hem as some vector format (swf, ai) or rasterized…

Working on the obj sequence right now as a matter of fact. I plan to have a stand alone nonUI that takes a file as a command line parameter.

but the author seems to ignore a request:

more often, 3d models is posed in front of a camera in 3d software, and both the models data and camera data(angle, focus etc) can be export( hey, do you know the opensourced blender @ Can you let inkulator read both obj file and a user-defined camera data file, so that we don’t need to locate the camera in inkulator again.

anyway, Rome was not built in a day.

a constant, common renderer interface in blender is always a good expectation. 3dsmax, rhino and many other appz have it, so it is no need to change and re-compile the huge source of appz itself when a new renderer algorithm comes. this kind of interface will bring up piles of renderer out of question.

Anyone up to porting the rendercode to Blender as an alternate render engine?

seems cool!!

well… anyone here is not understanding the name of the program?!?
all italian users know what I am talking about, and it’s really funny that he choose such a name for a graphic application.
I wonder what’s the idea behind it!

I don’t speak any Italian, just English, so I have no idea what you mean. To me, the name makes sense: Ink - as in inking a comic book (applying inklines over pencil drawing for printing) + (calc)ulator.

I think I understand what you mean jazzroy, french is so close to italian !! :wink:
For english speaking people it sounds OK, but for us this sounds like f*ck in the *ss -ator

Cool soft by the way.


Looks cool, how big is the program?


When I downloaded it, it wasn’t that big. I downloaded it several weeks ago, and so I may be off some, but I seems like it was under a meg. I think it might have been around 250 kb, but again I’m not sure.

ver 0.8 (185k) is released. a console inkcmd.exe is supplied for rendering a sequence of obj files, so flash/avi may be created.
I’m still confused by getting Camera destination info thru Python and Inkulator’s terms on camera. :o

nuBlend you’re right, that’s the idea behind it…
in italian, changhing the “k” with a “c” the word means a$$fcker, but the change to “k” gives it a double meaning without changing the pronounce!

Hmm, so you’re saying it would be a good name for the next Micro$oft product :stuck_out_tongue: