Inkwinks Storybook Animations - The Park - Episodes 1, 2 + 3

In the new children’s animation series we are creating, the NLA Editor gets used a great deal, especially for the mini animations that each character does, flips/twists/jumps etc and also for their facial expressions like blinking/talking/smiling. Parenting empties to individual and multiple paths generates the desired effect for drawing/colouring/writing/painting, adding flattened tubing for each to create the lines. We tried the dynamic painting, but it didn’t give us enough flexibility to create each page when considering how much contact the Inkwink characters have with the pages.

The purpose of getting the Inkwinks to this stage is to make it easier for investors to see the incredible potential that the Inkwinks have. We are still open to improving the underlying structure of the Inkwinks models, for example, possible face rigs for the characters. There are obvious benefits to doing this, but also numerous potential negative factors, the first one being the current design is perfect for creating a physical pencil case product. The second is that it would add enormous amounts of time and money needed to create each animation. The same with using individual voice actors which could make the animation too complicated as there are eleven Inkwinks characters. Currently, it’s set up using a narrator/storybook format, which is cheap and easy to do, flexible, and which could open the door to celebrity narrators getting involved in the future (possibly lol). The current setup would also be much easier to translate into other languages.

I believe the Inkwinks are without doubt a strong enough concept to take this idea to Investors and Network Channels, with a hope of inspiring millions of children to create their own characters and stories. The idea of millions of children owning an Inkwinks pencil case is simply incredible. When we secure funding, and fortunately, we do know a few investors, I’d like to hear from any blender artists who feel they have the skills to help make the Inkwinks possible. It would be paid and professional work of course, so if you are interested, simply drop me a line expressing your interest. No need for cv’s/portfolios at this stage as there is still quite a bit of groundwork to do before we will be ready.

Thanks for showing an interest