Inner garden

I work with archviz and I’m currently migrating from Sketchup + Lumion
This is the last personal study I did last year in Blender

Vegetation: Globe Plants and GScatter
Materials: Quixel

  1. Planks under the ceiling seem too bright.
  2. The rule of thumb for laying floor panels is that the longer edge should point to the window. Then the gaps are less visible when you enter room. So floor panels should be rotated 90 degrees.
    Nice render.
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The shadows on the left wall made me think the lihgt comes from ??? the bottom??? then i realised it no no no there must be glass in the ceiling… maybe if some can see the sky there @3dnotguru (fabulous name!) wouldn’t bother about the brightness ??

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those are amazing tips! thank you so much
i worked with theater projects for a while and we always put the longer edge of the stage floor parallel to the audience so it’s harder to se imperfections. never thought about it with windows in residential projects
very nice!

yes, it’s a skylight!
the idea of showing a little bit of sky is very good! it’ll definitely help to understand the lighting and the project
thank you so much