Inner nautilus shell

Hello community,

i am new to Blender and need your help.

I finished my polygon style nautilus shell and want to create an inner shell to 3D print a mold, that i can fill with concrete.

The problem is, that i can´t just scale it down a little bit, because it overlaps with the outer shell.
It already tried to give it some thickness with the solidify modifier and then remove the outer shell, so that the inner one is left, but it comes out very bad.

Is there a way to scale it down in a way, that it doesnt overlap with the outer shell or do have to create it manually ?

I hope you understand my problem.

Thank you in advance

try to select all desired faces => and then shrinking them with [alt+s]

You can also add a solidify modifier. “wrench” on the right side => add modifier => solidify.
You may want to delete the cap first, meaning the face infront of the shells entry.

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Thanks a lot.

I havent known the shrinking function.
It worked great for me.

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