Inner Value (Blender Guru Competition: Future Technology)

(SaKo) #1

Where’s the Border between humanity and technology?

Here’s my shared image to the competition. I’ll post additional images of the inner life of this robot later, because at first I made a version without hairs and many mechanical parts under her skin.

edit Oh, I think the title is “Inner Values”


(harleynut97) #2

Really well done, I think this will definitely be a strong competitor in the contest.

(Saif) #3

That’s cool, I like your metal material.

(SaKo) #4

thanks @ all :slight_smile:

here are some additional images


(rjshae) #5

Wow. Beautiful and a little creepy.

(SaKo) #6

Oh, one of the finalists ^^

(Jeepster) #7

Congrats on being a finalist! I really like how the hair looks :smiley:

(SaKo) #8

I simply love colorful hair and make-up ^^

(ScottBronson) #9

Awesome job you can tell you put alot of work into it

(RichardUpshur) #10

A really pretty bit of design work there. Well done!

(ajbombadill) #11

Excellent creation, you have been able to mesh the robotic aspects with human facial attributes that create a sense of personality.

(blendernewbs) #12

Excellent Work!