Innocence lost in the woods. Run Mary... Run!

Hello Community! been so good to meet some of you in person today in Amsterdam.

Please take a look at my short which I tried to finish before the SuzAwards but just was a couple of days too late, I should have used Eevee… well maybe one day.

Ooh and please let me really know what you think, happy to improve.

Some background: In 2000 we made a CGI animation called The Haunted. Our group of 7 students spent more than five months with Softimage on Silicon Graphics at the Media College of Amsterdam. Twenty years of development later, I wondered if I could recreate something similar on my own on a way shorter shedule.


liked it very much. Especially the lighting and camera movements are very cinematic

Thank you for your positive feedback, if you have any suggestions, I’m really curious how I could improve these type of projects.