Hi, everyone! I just wanted to share with you my latest artwork, titled ‘Innocence’.

I hope you like it.

Thanks for viewing! :slight_smile:

More info at


Scared! I Am Scared!!! That Is Scary!! :eek:

Okay i’m a joking here. looks good Reynante. :smiley:

The right eye, a little weird.

Excellent rendering.

But *4, just because of that reflection on the right eye. Otherwise, simply charming.


Awesome job man. I really like the stylized work with realistic texturing. I am kind of fan of this kind of work. I especially like the hairs and also the bear toy. Godd work

This is great picture. Awesome mood and composition!

Dude, this is so great. :smiley:
I love it. I dont really get the idea with the chains and bandage but Im sure there is something behind it. I`ll think on this.
I also like the lighting.
Great inspirational piece.

Edit: Awesome! I`m so happy it got featured. :slight_smile:

Your one heck of a great artist Reyn…love it and I get it too:P As always pefectly your style but something new…I’m not sure how you do it! Keep it up man I always look forward to more:P

I think the chain needs to be tighter, as it is its like she can remove it at any time.

I like the overall concept and what implies , beautiful execution , well done.

Awesome job.

It’s creepy though.

Creepy yet in a good way.

Excellent render. Right eye does look a odd though. Can’t tell if it’s intentional, a reflection from something else in the room, or one of the foreground bits of dust blurred that’s right on the eye in the image.

Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for the feedback; they’re much appreciated! :smiley:

I’m attaching here a few thumbnails too from the render, for a closer look.

I’m assuming somebody might have guessed already why her left eye looks that way. :wink:


Great render Reyn!

This SSS from Cycles?

I can’t figure it out. Actually I am quite curious as to your inspiration, and what the individual elements mean to you. Great work man! The posters above referring to her right eye, surely mean her left eye.

Looks great man :smiley: I think her right eye looks like that because she’s blind in one eye! Am I right???


Yes, Lucas. It’s a fake technique, in fact. I had to duplicate the skin mesh
then shrink it accordingly, and deleting areas that I wish to have full SSS
effect on.

Here are a few screenies:


Practically right on, Nathan. :wink:

Love it! I like the feel of it…

a picture that speaks very cleary. alone this makes it great work.

@reynante: congrats on the feature row. You deserve it.