Innsbruck and Nurbs

I figure I could start a new post about blender Nurs development. I am wondering if anyone has a link or more information concerning the Lemon project. I like to use blender and would really like it if they adde dthe wrokflow that was mwntione don the videos. I mena to have the whole curves worflow around the way architects work would be phenmenal. I knpw that many of you don’t see the point of this, but think about tihs. If Blender manges to implement an architect friendly method of parametric design then the possibilities of widespread blender adotion are endless. Architects (an even more architecture student) are very open minded about trying new technologies as a design tool. We don’t use the computer exclusivle as a vizualization tool, but as a design tool. If this lemon project succeds their would be many willing to learn blender and a more widespread use of it. I just wan tot know more aobut it. M profesor is giving a blender talk in our architectural department, so blender is starting to gain ground on this filed, but wha tthe people at Innsbruck want to do would be ubber cool.