inporting from maya


  I normally use maya, but recently i have been playing with blender, i tried to use obj format and import it into blender but the output looks completely different. 

   here's a picture to show you what i mean

  the picture to the left is same as maya, and the picture to the right is the same as blender,  i'm not sure what why they look so difference, i think one is missing shaders.

The lighting is different. I dont see other differences.

Well its probably because Maya and Blenda have different engines… You need to tweak light and texture setup to achieve identical renders I would guess.

I played with the lights, but i just can’t seem to make it look right in blender, here is the blender file, can some body plz tell me what i’m doing wrong???

Do you want a toonish dark edge on them?

Thank you for the reply :smiley:

    I would like to make her look as close to how I had it in maya as possible.  My main concern is that I have no clue how to go about doing that, or much about shading in blender.   i would really like to know the mistakes i made 

  if you can make her toonish, please tell me how as well, i would like to know both. 

       :D thanx again

how do you import mayay into blender? i need to know

export as obj format, which you can add directly from maya preference and blender takes it , but i don’t think it exports shaders cus i can’t get mine to look right