[Input] Custom Blender Setup | ALT-Maya Navigation, LMB Selections | for blender 3.1

I’m starting a new thread dedicated to the 2.80 version of my custom setup.

How to test/install:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender

  • Backup your existing 2.81 folder (by renaming it)!!!
  • Extract the 2.81 Folder to the noted path

Download 3.1 config here. Updated 2022 01 21
Download 2.81 config here. Updated 2019 09 09
Download 2.80 config here. Updated 2019 08 01

Edit 2019 09 09: Fix to the Outliner (expanding greeoups)
Edit 2019 08 28: As the Outliner is developed, syncing my hotkeys with it. Theme was also updated. Addons, Wazou RMB Pie, PolyQuilt, textools, blenderbezierutils, modifierList
Edit 2019 08 18: Since the Outliner was updated couple of days ago it works great! So I reverted all my hack solutions to blender current defaults. Also tweaked the theme a bit
Edit 2019 09 12: ShaderEditor Fixes
Edit 2019 08 01: Fixed a lot of the breaks due to under the hood changes in blender, and getting this closer to my old 2.7x setup
Edit 2019 05 10: Enabled SnapUtilitiesLine; ALT+ K LineTool
Edit 2019 05 09: Added QWER for Gizmos, KTools addon, some general fixes and maintainance
Edit 2019 04 20: Fixed keymap breaks from latest rebuild (ShaderEditor, ImageEditor, UVz, Parenting)
Edit 2019 04 18: Fixed RMB Context Menus. Added SimpleLattice addon again (forgot to add it after the recent rebuild)
Edit 2019 04 17: Fixed Shapping on Tweak (CTRL+LMBdrag; CTRL+MMBdrag)
Edit 2019 04 12: Continuing with fixing the breaks introduced with latest blender updates
Edit 2019 04 10: Fixed the breaks introduced with latest blender updates
Edit 2019 03 26: Simple Lattice Addon updated
Edit 2019 03 26: Fixed RMB Menu that got broken. Fix on LMB BoxSelect Add/Subtract in Outliner
Edit 2019 02 12: Major update. BoxSelect now works with TransformTools
Edit 2019 02 08: Updated SculptWokflowSuite byVrav, Added DynamicParent addon (N: Properties > Misc, and more hotkey consistency
Edit 2019 01 28: Maintanance of broken things, and getting closer to 2.79
Edit 2019 01 17: Added Parent Selection hotkeys. And View Axis Snap hotkeys
Edit 2019 01 15: Added SculptWokflowSuite byVrav for 2.80, sculpting addon

As of now it’s got:
3D View

  • Maya ALT-Navigation
  • All basic LMB Selections (same as in my 2.7x setup)
  • Mesh Selections (90% same as in my 2.7x setup)
  • Tweak Mode on MMB (DeSelects everything, Selects, Tweak); and CTRL+MMB (Tweak Selection). works in both Object and Edit Mode


  • Maya ALT-Navigation
  • Selections (compatible with 3D View)
  • Tweak Mode (compatible with 3D View)

Shader Editor

  • Maya ALT-Navigation
  • Selections (compatible with 3D View)
  • Tweak Mode (compatible with 3D View)


  • Selections (compatible with 3D View)
  • Tweak Mode (compatible with 3D View; CTRL+MMB = Move Collection; CTRL+Shift+MMB = Parent)

Included FREE addons ( Refer to Addons Tab for hotkeys):
Wazou’s Pie Menus
Wazou RMB Pie
Simple Lattice
Destructive Extrude
Edge Flow
Ray Cast Selection
Sculpt/Paint Workflow Suite
Simple Renaming Panel
Dynamic Parent
Mira Tools
BlenderBezierTools (FlexiEditBezier)

Consider buying and supporting :
SpeedFlow; Hard Ops and Box Cutter; MESHmachine; GroupPro
(Some of my hotkeys and custom Pie Menu I have use some of these addons and won’t work without them, won’t screw you up but you get an unused hotkey)


ALT+ LMB Rotate View

  • ALT+ MMB Pan View
  • ALT+ RMB Zoom View
  • ALT+SHIFT+ LMB+ Drag N/S/E/W Snap View Axis Ortho

GLOBAL hotkeys



  • LMB Select (Clears any previous Selection)
  • LMB (on empty ) Clears any previous Selection
  • SHIFT+ LMB Select (Add to Selection)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ LMB Select (Subtract from Selection)

Drag Paint

  • MMB Select (Clears any previous Selection)
  • SHIFT+ MMB Select (Add to Selection)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ MMB Select (Subtract from Selection)

Drag Box

  • LMB Paint Select (Clears any previous Selection)
  • SHIFT+ MMB Paint Select (Add to Selection)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ MMB Paint Select (Subtract from Selection)

Drag Lasso

  • CTRL+ RMB Lasso Select (Add to Selection)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ RMB Lasso Select (Subtract from Selection)

Selecting Parented

  • Arrow Down Select Immediate Children
  • SHIFT+ Arrow Down Select Children
  • Arrow Up Select Parent
  • SHIFT+ Arrow Up Select Siblings


  • CTRL+ LMB+ Tweak (Clears any previous Selection; Selects; Tweak)
  • CTRL+ MMB Tweak (Tweak current selection) [Serves as Grab in NodeEditor and Outliner]

Once in TweakMode:
click MMB again to Constrant To Axis
click SHIFT+ MMB again to Constrant To Plane Axis
CTRL to activate Snapping


  • SPACE Tools Menu (T)
  • ALT+ R Rotate (Moved from R because of ScaleGizmo)
  • ALT+SHIFT R Clear Rotation (Moved from ALT+R because of ScaleGizmo)
  • F Focus
  • CTRL+ F MACHIN3 Focus/LocalView/IsolateSelected
  • ALT+ X MACHIN3 Align
  • ALT+C+TRL RMB+ Drag East/Right F6 Adjust Last Operation
  • F6 F6 Adjust Last Operation
  • SHIFT+RMB (Drag Right) Adjust Last Operation
  • ALT+CTRL+RMB (Drag Left) Set 3D Cursor
  • ALT+Shift+ LMB+ Drag N/S/E/W View Axis Align

EDIT MESH hotkeys



  • SHIFT+ALT+ LMB Select Loop (Clears any previous Selection)
  • CTRL+ALT+ LMB Select Loop (Add to Selection/Toggle)


  • SHIFT+ALT+ MMB Select Ring (Clears any previous Selection)
  • CTRL+ALT+ MMB Select Ring (Add to Selection/Toggle)


  • CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+ LMB Select Shortest Path
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+ LMB Select Shortest Path (w Fill Region). Use to select rectangular strips of faces by selecting two opposing corners.

Select More/Less

  • + Select More
  • - Select Less
  • CTRL+ + Select Next Active
  • CTRL+ - Select Previous Active


  • Double LMB Select Linked (Clears any previous Selection)
  • SHIFT+ Double LMB Select Linked (Add to Selection)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ Double LMB Select Linked (Subtract from Selection)

Misc Mesh

  • B Bevel
  • ALT+ E Extrude (Moved from E because of RotateGizmo)
  • ALT+SHIFT E Extrude Menu (Moved from ALT+E because of RotateGizmo)
  • SHIFT+ F Create Face F2 (Moved from F because of FOCUS)
  • 3 MACHIN3 Clean Up
  • 4 Create Face (MACHIN3 Tools, much better tool for creating faces)
  • C KTools: Cut Tool
  • ALT+ K Line Tool (SnapUtilitiesLine)


  • SHIFT+ RMB Wazou RMB Pie
  • TAB Modes Pie
  • ` Views Pie
  • Z Viewport Shading Pie
  • SHIFT+ Z Object Shading Pie
  • SHIFT+ S Origin/Pivot Pie
  • SHIFT+ Z Object Shading Pie
  • ALT+ Q Pivot Point Pie
  • ALT+ SPACE Orientation Pie
  • SHIFT+ TAB Snapping Pie
  • O Proportional Edit Pie
  • SHIFT+ O Proportional FalloffEdit Pie
  • ALT+ X Wazou Align (EditMode)
  • CTRL+ A Wazou Apply/Clear Transforms (EditMode)
  • X Wazou Delete (EditMode)
  • SHIFT+ C MACHIN3 Collections Pie
  • CTRL+ S MACHIN3 Save Pie
  • PAGE UP MACHIN3 Shading Pie
  • SHIFT+CTRL+ALT MMB Context Sensitive Pie (Currently in Object and EditMesh (Has Sub-Pies)


  • RMB+ Drag E/W Brush Radius/Size
  • RMB+ Drag N/S Brush Strength

If you buy and install HOps, SpeedFlow, FLUENT these will (should) be your hotkeys:

  • ALT+W Box Cutter
  • ALT+SHIFT+W Toggle Bollean Visibility (HOps/BoxCutter)
  • SHIFT+Q HOps Menu
  • ALT+SHIFT+Q SpeedFlow
  • ALT+CTRL+Q SpeedFlow Companion
  • ALT+SHIFT+RMB (click) My Pie with SpeedFlow, HOps, and FLUENT (plus my CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+MMB Pie)
  • B Bevel in Object Mode this will enter HOps Bevel (in EditMode it’s a regular PolyBevel)

Everything is obviously still in a flux. And things will most likely change in the upcoming months. I’ll try to work around changes to keep much of what’s here now.

I’m not a fan of Selections being a Tool. This totally breaks what I was able to achieve in 2.5x - 2.7x
But let’s wait for the dust to settle before we flood with requests/bug reports :slight_smile:
Anyway, them creating Selection as a tool is basically in a sense RMB residue, and not thinking everything through but looking for answers on the fly.

Anyway, this gives those looking for ALT-Maya navigation and LMB-centric interaction, an opportunity to try blender 2.80

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Thanks for putting this together. I agree it seems unnecessary having a separate tool for Box and Lasso selection/deselection when in widget mode specifically. I had 2.79 set up very similarly to Maya as well.

I also understand the argument made by seasoned Blender artist about learning the Blender-style way of working. From my perspective, most studios I’ve worked at all use Maya or a Maya-style proprietary software packages. Having to jump back and forth regularly, it would be ideal to have the basics like navigation and selection stuff more in line with each other.

The Custom Orientation for the Transform widget workflow needs some love as well. It’s cumbersome to have to create and delete custom orientations. I’ve been really missing the interactive transform orientation Maya has when you simply press D and transform manipulator widget orients to whichever component you select or you can rotate it freely before pressing D again to lock the widget orientation. Zbrush has a similar thing when you hold the alt key you can rotate the widget or snap it to normals interactively.

Thank you very much for organizing and sharing this. It’s helping me get started with 2.8 while we wait for the industry keymap to come together. Who knows, I may just keep using this and tweak a couple things as I go, since it’s such a nice setup already.

One of the few things I’m still missing is WER for transforms. I can’t seem to find the keymapping for the new transform tools (using the widgets), in 2.8! There are so many “move rotate scale” options located in different contexts (in the input editor), but I have never found the “main” versions so that I can simply activate the move widget with my own hotkey. It’s always the grab tool, for example.

If anyone can help with this detail I’d be very grateful! I swear, it’s one of the only things I’m waiting for in the “industry standard” keymap :stuck_out_tongue:

I ended up just right clicking on the buttons for those transforms and there’s an option to set the keymap. I did it that way and it worked fine, but I’m not sure if that’s what you meant.

Wow… I’m a numbskull lol. Yea that’s all I was looking for :stuck_out_tongue:
Still can’t find them in the input editor though, hehe.

When in doubt set it to a key that you know isn’t set to something else and then search for that key in the input editor.

It’s actually a series of actions called “Set tool by name”. Mine looks like this:

These are under the “3d View” main category. So “3d View > Object Mode” and “3d View > Mesh” also has them.

Ah… great tip. Off to wrangle my keymap. Thank you again!

M0D1FY, joeshmoe . Good to hear there’s people trying this out and digging it. Cheers

Dheim Nice explanation on how to navigate the InputEditor!

Just a note, you should update this guys. Latest buildbots have broken my hotkeys in the ShaderEditor (Selecting with a click). Fixed it.

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Some Selections got broken with the latest buildbots. Fixed that.
Added a couple of addons: Destructive Extrude; Simple Lattice; Edge Flow

Started porting/re-working on my old Pie Menus:

Object Shading Pie: SHIFT+Z

Wireframe On and Wireframe Off: if nothing is selected will do the command for the whole scene !
Show in Front Toggle: Will toggle the property on selection. If nothing is selected defaults the whole scene to Off
Shadow Toggle: Will toggle the property on selection. If nothing is selected defaults the whole scene to On


Object Modifiers Control Sub-Pie: called from Object Pie and Edit Mesh Pie

Object HOps Boolean Sub-Pie: called from Object Pie (needs HOps installed! - buy it)


Edit Mesh Selections Sub-Pie: called from Edit Mesh Pie

Edit: added Ray Cast Selection
MMB: Paint Select
SHIFT+MMB: Paint Select Add
CTRL+SHIFT+MMB: Paint Select Subtract

Hey @0rAngE, does your build support rotate view in Box Cutter mode while cutting? Alt LMB seems to be unresponsive.

No. Things like that are on the addon ‘modal’ level. Stuff like that you have to edit the addon, basically allow certain keycombos to ‘passthrough’ the modal of the addon.

I’ve done it before for a number of addons on 2.7x

I have BoxCutter, but haven’t tried it yet actually. I’ll give it a spin and then look into the code. I’ll drop you a line if I figure it out.

I actually contacted the developer on discord. He suggests enabling 3 button mouse and provided an alternate line of code.

Box Select now works with all the TransformTools.

Here’s a screenshot of the setup:

Hi Orange, bravo for your work, it’s really helpful. I’m coming from XSI and this makes me confortable to have a pipeline for my new work.

I’m still looking for the retopo tool and shrinkwarp , tried all the keyboard map :slight_smile: but haven’t find it yet.

when i right click i have a view3D_mt_edit_mesh_specials not found, did you get it ?
Congrats for your work, it’s very good!

change view3D_mt_edit_mesh_specials to view3D_mt_edit_context_menu

Hey lebref, welcome to BA and the blender-verse :beers:
Cool to hear you’re digging this customization.

Yes I experienced that. It popped up out of the blue after a certain blender update a few weeks back. I had fixed it soon after, but haven’t had the chance to update my shared setup.

I’m a bit slammed with work at the moment, to give this a proper test on the latest buildbots. I just ripped all the paid addons from the setup, and reuploaded. Try it out. The RMB works, but I’m not aware if anything else is broken with latest buildbots.

There has been a break on some addons recently, and I can not test and fix all that as I’m in a middle of a project.

Will make a proper update in a week or so, when I wrap up this project.

Same download link from the first post.

Edit 2019 03 26, 7.00 ET:
Fixed LMB combos for BoxSelect Add/Subtract in Outliner

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I just noticed that you are including hard ops in your download? I’m sure that’s accidental since it’s a paid add-on, you might want to fix that.

Thanks on the heads up!!!
That was an error. I just disabled it apparently, did not Remove.
Fixed. My appologies to the Ops-Team!