[Input] Custom Blender Setup | Silo/Maya- esque

Hi OrAngE,

I don’t find the view3d.enable_manipulator, can you be more precise (I’m not so expert in blender customization)? I found only different options not related to manipulator.

I found a problem: you need to enable in User Preference File> Autorun Phyton Script, or scenes with Rigify cannot be open correctly.

Blender standard setting permitting to choice objects when you are in object or sculpt mode: press ALT+Leftmb and will appear a little menu with all the object under your mouse cursor, this option disappears with emulate 3 mouse button and even with your setting.

I found very useful the Wazou Pie Menu, thank to let me know that, previously I mapped right mouse button to Property panel, but now is really nasty and more useful. Not so useful the rmenu on middle mouse button (is a is a repetition of menu already present).

Also, why mapping 1,2,3, for view? I now used to piemenu now on Q key and vertex/face and edges on 1,2,3 keys. With your combo disappear a useful key combo: crtl+1 or 2 or 3 in edit mode autoactivate or cage subdivsion (crtl+1= subdivision at level 1, ctrl+2 subdivsion at level 2 etc), I guess you cage this because have just set this on some pie or menu, but going down or put off subdivsion (the not so friendly hotkey ctrl+0 combo) is nice to have.

I see you mapped left mouse selection timeline, I though was impossible to do…

I’ll continuing to test your setting. Not sure I’ll adopting it but for sure I extrapolate many nice things for my actual setting/workflow.

Just a heads up for anyone using this. Updated to 2.73 with a fix for selection issue pointed out by Pior here (thanks).
Download link in the first post.


Updated with the fix for Loop Tools (thanks beta-tester!). Among other things, this means that the ‘Hole’ command from Wazou RMB Pie addon (RMB) is working again.

Also I’ve created a new Local version of Loop Tools. What this means is you can update Blender and Loop Tools will be loaded from this local path, and still work. Will change it back once the Loop Tools fix becomes official.

Other things that are new:

  • Added Retopo MT by pitiwazou.
  • Edited BSurfaces script to have one section by default. This helps with retopo. Like with Loop Tools, the BSurfaces now has an edited version locally.
  • Some cosmetic Theme changes.

I’m looking to see if we can put the b-surface subdiv in slider for my retopo pie menu.

That’d be cool!

I was lurking about blenderlounge.fr and saw some examples of sliders in Pie Menus.

Updated your Wazou’s RMB Pie / Sculpt Mode with some sculpting sliders.
I tweak AutoSmooth every now and then.
Sculpt Mode

Sculpt Mode . Dyntopo
As with the original Wazou’s RMB Pie, Detail Size is context sensitive (Constant / Relative).

I updated my rmb pie menu yesterday :wink:

It is not finish yet and I will put this pie in the wazou’s pie menu later.

Excellent stuff! This should be the default Blender installation!


I really apprecciate the work being done on this. Looking better and better all of the time!

marcotronic, MarkJoel60 . Thanks for the comments.

I was wondering if anyone was using this at all. Especially since it got burried further down the pages of this section.

For anyone that’s using this, just a note that I still I update every now and then. This is what I use as my setup, so I’m constantly tweaking it as the need arises. Once I get a good amount of tweaks or something important, I upload the file here. Although I don’t post in this thread about the updates as not to spam the scripts section.

There has been some significant changes since the recording of the video from the first page, and that video covered just the basics to begin with. I might make another one when I get some time, not in the foreseeable future though.

I love this. For someone that is trying to learn other bits of software but still uses Blender on a daily basis it certainly comes in handy, and the workflow becomes much faster once adjusted to the pie menus.

Couple of questions… Firstly, the camera fly mode shortcut seems to be disables - any reason why? Also, the behavior of fly mode seems to be different to the default settings. Is there a setting that simply needs tweaking to restore default behavior?

Also, lasso select was disabled by default. I set it to Ctrl + LMB and wondered if there was any reason not to?

Can I use Amaranth Toolset with this?

coljwood - Glad to hear the setup is making sense for you. I agree, Wazou Pies are the big deal when it comes to workflow.

Regarding Lasso Select, by default on this setup, it’s CTRL+RMB (lasse deselect is CTRL+Shift_RMB). The LMB was reserved for e regular click-select, and when dragging for a box/marquee select.

I don’t use the fly mode so I wouldn’t know. I know there’s some settings in UserPreferences>Input that refer to ‘Fly’.

Amaranth Toolset - I haven’t tried it, but you can pretty much mix and match with any addon. It’s just if you get any conflicting hotkeys, you have to remap them manually. Either directly in that script or through the input editor.

very cool! Great work! only add switching vertex, edge, poly bind to 1.2.3 key

Seen a link to this thread on the Foundary forums:

Can’t wait to check it out.

For anyone who uses Amaranth Toolset, it seems it does actually work with this. The shortcut is Ctrl + W instead of just W.

With that I can pretty much commit to this setup now. After a week’s solid use I don’t think I could work without it.

I do find using the dope sheet/animation tools a little fiddly though.

On it again, now I try your setting without cage nothing (only add mesh utilis).
I don’t found Create Orientation (on standard key conf is on crtl+alt+spacebar), I guess you have this in some menu, but didn’t found where.

I was not aware of this command. Thanks for pointing it out! Definitely something I’ll be using.

The Alt+Spacebar Pie Menu seems like a good candidate to have this. I was planing to tweak some of the Wazou Pies anyway (adding the brush size dyntopo option), this seems like a good candidate as well. Most likely by Tuesday I’ll have these updates. I’ll drop a line in here.

If you disabled Wazou Pie Menus in my setup, and don’t want to use them, that means you’ll have to find a key combo to assign the command to it on your end.

  • Upadeted Wazou_RMB_Pie_Menu.py | Dyntopo Pie now includes the new Brush Detail Mode. Also the slider for percentage that is context sensitive also includes Brush Detail Mode

  • Wazou_Pie_Menus.py | The Orientation Pie now includes “Create Orientation”.

  • probably some other cosmetic stuff since the last update.

Link in the first post

Thank you!

Great work! Thanks.

Unlikely, but is there any way to lock the manipulator while Alt is being held? It’s the only real issue i’m running into at the moment. I keep using the manipulator when trying to navigate. I know other Alt centric apps simply disable the manipulator.