Input Games - Seeking Artists - Training provided

Team: Input Games

The Project Input Games are currently working on is called D.R.I.V.E which stands for Diverse Racing In ‘a’ vast Environment. The team formed in June/July and has decided on its first project, ever since then it has been in production.

Main Features:

  • Community Racetrack - Challenge your friends to races
  • Control many of the world’s vehicles - From Cars to Motorbikes, through to Planes and Trains
  • One rather large Island with all the parts players want - Cities, Racetracks, Coastal Roads, Icy Mountains
  • Differently designed cars - The feel of all the cars will aim to be different in many ways - Grip, Feel.

Target Aim: Our target audience is the area of Freeware, however the is some revenue later for the game through regular in-game advertising.

Compensation: Entirely Volunteer Work, however income may be shared later.

Technology: At this Current Point we are planning using CryEngine 3 for a lot of our work, As for artist and sound, We have someone working on sound and for artists we have a member that is working on car models. It is not final but in the far far future we may plan on adding D.R.I.V.E to consoles, the main source of income would be the advertising however this is not final and not guaranteed as D.R.I.V.E would need to be completely finished on the PC version before we consider our options, as for vehicle licenses we have our own makes of cars for this.

Talent: Basic Blender skills. Training can be provided.

QuinnyPlane (Me) - Web Admin/3D Building Modeller, Recruitment
Max8648 - Web Admin, Texture Artist
CLR: Car Artist
Steventot: CryEngine Trainer
TheWheelNut: PR. Website/Game text.
UltimateStuff: Sound Artist
Jonath4n: Network Coding
GoldenDark: Creative Writing (Stories etc.)
Andrew G: Level Designer
CPolus: Music Artist
Saltytaco1234: Coding
Flow: Writer - Creative/PR

Plus 2 more people interested.

We are currently in development of our main website. While we do this, we are waiting for the domain we want to run out. This should happen at the end of the year. However, our current website is:
Forum can be there under Community Tab.

If you need to contact us, email inputgames(at)gmail(dot)com
To contact me directly, quintinplane(at)gmail(dot)com

Additional Info:

If you want more information, email the above email addresses.

i whould like to join the team.