Input lag at normal FPS

So in my game(s) I usually get 30-60 FPS(depending on scene and where in scene I am and what am I doing). It should be normal(especially for such a low GPU as I have). Yeah, it is normal and looks good. Except for input.
In Floated Away once the framerate drops below 55 FPS(e.g. 45), the mouselook gets choppy and laggy, more physics errors occure. In Worn Tires(previous version as current progress of wrapper isn’t enaugh for tests) I had a problem with input that sometimes it stopped reacting for a moment and only reacted after few seconds, although I had like 25-40 FPS in the scene, mostly being around 30-34. And now I just don’t understand why does input depend so much from graphics? And why does it act like 10 FPS while being at normal framerates? Could anybody tell me solutions?

Have you checked the FPS settings under physics steps in the world tab? The animation frame rate under display on the render tab?

I had choppy mouse movement when using GLSL 2D filters, to fix it, you have to set pulse mode on the always sensor to TRUE.

My player model is using a dynamic physics setup, with higher framerates the player will move very fast when Use frame rate is disabled under the render tab, when enabling it, the player moves normally.

Since you get between 30-60 fps, maybe set your animation framerate and FPS under the physics tab to 30. Test the game with the standalone player with 640x480, it should match Blenders embedded viewport players fps, then gradually increase the the resolutions. 1280x720 seems to scale well.

Lastly have you made use of occluder objects to hide geometry unseen by the camera?

Linux tends to force vsync to on.

Other than that it depends on how you handle input. I’ve never had issue with input down to about 5fps.

how are you mouselooking?


what script?

Well, I use the actuator.

I leave it on all the time, it doesn’t seem to affect FPS for me. However, it doesn’t seem to work 100%, because sometimes there’re still some little artifacts. However, could it affect input?