Input latency bug..

I’m getting very strange slowdowns while trying to start modeling with Blender 2.32. It starts out fine, but after a few minutes it gradually starts to take longer and longer to respond to input. It seems fairly random, but eventually after 2 minutes of simple modeling (extruding a small 30 vertex model from the default cube + move the camera around) - it can take up to 15 seconds between pressing a key or pressing a mouse button and getting the response. It’s most obvious when trying to rotate the 3D view, feel like the mouse button isn’t working, click + move again, nothing, click + move again, then suddenly it starts working.

I’ve just moved up to a 3GHz Pentium 4 with an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, latest drivers and everything (Blender 2.32, Windows 2000, 1GB of memory, nothing else running). Performance issues should not be a problem since I used to run Blender just fine on an old Pentium 3.

Anyone have any possible answers? It sounds like a timing bug with fast CPUs, or maybe screen redraws piling up and never being flushed properly - but I don’t want to start digging through the code unless absolutely necessary…

I’m not a windows user, but I think I’ve seen other posts of similar problems with blender under ATI. I believe they turned out to be driver issues. Do some searches for ATI and maybe slow or performance here, you should get some hits.

I might have seen the threads at also, so if you don’t find a solution here, doing a search other there might be worth it.

the 3.7 drivers don’t seem to have that problem
(I run windows 98SE, but 2k and xp users say 3.6 works fine)

3.8 and later (4.1 is current?) seem to have that problem