Inputing a mathematical function in graph editor


how can I input a math function in the graph editor? Let’s say, something like the following function:

Is it possible?

Thank you, guys!

You can input that as a driver for some property, as a Python expression. Something like, (e ** ( -0.7 * frame)) * 0.1 * cos((14 * frame) - 0.9) but I didn’t check my parentheses very carefully or use your exact constants and I used periods as decimal markers (not sure if regional settings are going to impact that for Blender.)

Although that particular expression is going to spend a lot of time very very close to zero…

If you want it as an editable f-curve, you can use the “bake action” operation to write it to keyframes.

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Dude, thank you very much! I’ve been struggling with this about a day now and you just saved me!

You can also create your own driver functions in Blender.

import bpy

def mydriver(val):

    return val * val    # return val squared['driverFunc'] = mydriver

Then you can use this as a driver in any field that takes drivers.

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