Inquiry: handy Moray/POVRay script - translate?

I’ve got a quick question, and if this is the wrong place for this, please forgive:

I’ve used in the past a neat little plugin for the POVRay modeller app Moray that generates pretty realistic ocean waves procedurally. It was written (I think) in the lua scripting language. I was wondering if this, and perhaps others like it, were something that could be adapted for use with Blender via Python.

Its been a while, and having forgotten more than I remember about this, I googled up the following:<[email protected]>/?ttop=232849&toff=100 - this link shows an example image which had been generated in Moray and rendered in POVRay. It also includes a link to the example’s Moray file. It says it used Stephen Shonfield’s “Isosurface” lua script to generate the waves. (link here.) Stephen’s site includes a bunch of other scripts that may be useful if such translation is possible.

Also found this pdf on the povwiki site: written by Thomas de Groot which seems to be pretty interesting. (More info here.)

Does this look interesting to anyone? I’m pretty ignorant on the languages used and associated issues, but shouldn’t the algorithms contained in these scripts be viable, and therefore usable? Seems a shame to not leverage this knowledge for blenderites (may have been already, tho, eh?)