I use the default avi jpg setting to do my animation renders. Is there another codec or something i can use to make the output avi files smaller? Or some sort of compression tool?

Try the divX codec.

I just rescently got VirtualDub. Its a free program that can compress your videos in a number of ways, including DivX. You can download it here:

I hope this helps!


it depend on what you want:
the ‘default AVI format’ i.e. i guess would be AVI raw this iis the fattest kind. Somebody has reccomended DivX but this requires extra software that not all people will have on their computers.

If you are planning a cross between the two I reccomend AVI JPEG since it uses compression and can be understood by blenders sequence editor.

i hope that that helps

Instead of using a movie format like .avi or .mov you can also use a sequence of images. When you use a .png image sequence you have good image quality and good compression plus you can use alpha channels.


Thanks for the help.