Insane Bump- Free alternative to crazy bump

I have made a small gimp script last year to make good quality normal maps from photos similar to what crazy bump does. I expanded on it and now it has a real time viewer with “realtime tweaking” and the ability to generate diffuse(seamless and with filters to remove low frequency shadows), spec, normal and AO maps. I reported it back to windows so a greater number of people can test it.

Here are some screens of the GUI and the results.

A realtime scene in blender with maps made with Insane Bump

If anyone is interested i can release the installer for testing purpouses.

This is no where near as polished as crazy bump, but it should be a nice free alternative or another tool for people wanting something different.

Anyone interested or did you already invest in crazy bump?

Here is a realtime blender scene that used Insane Bump:

Ok here is the installer, the install process is relatively complex since windows doesnt come with the dpendencies it needed on linux but its not hard. Run the installer and install all the dependencies that popup, the tricky bit is when this message comes up, follow whats in the image.

After the install the program should run, There are two stages to the texture creation process, one is loading and preprocessing(similar to what crazy bump does when its “thinking”) then the second stage is realtime .

All the things for the first stage are in the first panel (with sliders A & B), the normal depth is self explainitory, while “Feature size” is a very critical variable. The feature size slider changes how Insane bump “sees” the bumps on the texture. Use larger feature sizes for more organic materials, while things like metal plates would use smaller feature sizes. After Adjusting these two variables and chossing any extra options like seamless textures click the Generate(button C), this will generate preview data for you to work on in realtime. The preview data is just downscaled version of your texture (this allows you to work on huge textures that exceed your card limits for offline applications).

Panel with the sliders labelled F are all realtime options that you can change, currently the viewer doesnt suppourt specularity but specular maps are still made. Only changes in these sliders will be seen in realtime, if you change sliders A & B you have to reclick Generate (button C).

Once you are done clicking save changes (button D) will reapply your filters to the high res original texture.

Panel E shows the controls, use the arrow keys to move around after pressing the Q key.

WARNING: this software recieved very little testing, no warranty etc… The uninstaller will uninstall insanebump but not gimp and python that get installed.

hey! this looks really nice, and I was happy I found the .deb you posted at irrlicht forums, but… I need it to be for 64b, is there any chance you can release a version for 64b users?

hey, that looks very helpful, I’ll try it!

Thanks a lot!

looks so gooood…but all i have is a mac atm…guess its time to shell out the dough for parallels or vmware whatever.

What a useful tool, I can’t wait to try it!

Isn’t that basically this plugin combined with the “texturizer” plugin but ported to use python instead of C and scriptfu?

Maybe the upload is just too old, or i’m doing something wrong, but when I try to download, this is what mediafire puts out.
The folder you accessed is currently empty.
Please check the link or contact the user who sent you this folder.

Could you please reupload this tool, it looks very promising.

What licence?
iS it still a script?
or is it a plugin?
Why does it need+ an installer?

A 64 bit version for linux would indeed be cool.

did you post this on Gimp talk?

Would love it if there were a Mac OS X version of this. :slight_smile:

Can’t download it.It says the folder is empty.

It looks good, do you thinking about a linux version? Gimp and Python go with linux don’t they?

I will try it, if you check the Download.

PS: Sorry about any mistakes, English is not my native language :frowning:

I found another post, i think at irrlicht and there you say something about your linux. You wrote the script under linux? Maybe you post it for the linux users?

Thankyou, Blendboom

How about integrating this into Blender itself?
There was some work done on making a tangent normal map node, but it disappeared.

Im sure this is a great program and it looks nice, but am i the only person who has a problem with the fact its called InsaneBump?
Make the script do everything you want and i really hope it does well but change the name man…if not its just riding ok the back of someone else’s hard work.
If a company made an image editing application and called it PhotographShop im sure Adobe would be mad.
Ryan Clark works very hard and is an immensely skilled and kind developer who deserves more respect than this.
Please think about changing the name to something a little more original.

Otherwise keep up the hard work :slight_smile:


the mediafire-link is dead by now. I’d love to try the new version, though. Are there any news about this, Omar?

Holy ****, i used this program hundreds of years ago, didn’t know you was into blender Omar :slight_smile:

But please, it is a nice program, but the installation can be difficult, release an easier version !

This link appears to be working but I have not tried installing yet:

oops, thats an old version

Didn’t disappear as much as it was finished and working.

Wasn’t that much interest in it anyway…well, should say there isn’t much interest in adding new node types to blender.

Sorry guys for ignoring this, i was ill.

Here is the latest working version on a permenant server:
If you take the insane bump shortcut, you can drag and drop .png’s and .tga’s on it to load files quicker.

This is a gimp script, which is run by an external GUI program, the gimp script is slow so the GUI emulates some of the options in realtime.

The “generate maps” button runs the gimp script in preview mode, this creates the basic data for the realtime emulation at low res.

The “save changes” button runs the gimp script at max resolution.

any chance for linux64 build please?

… or a Mac OSX build?