I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox for a couple years and am totally shocked by what I just now saw when trying to do an image search. Did Firefox just go completely insane? Or is Google doing this to Firefox and leaving IE and Netscape the way they both have always been? I will never ever be able to do an image search again with Firefox!!

IE and Netscape Image Search didn’t change, so does that mean the culprit is Firefox or Google?


It may be Google rolling out a feature that only applies to newer browsers… how old is your IE version?

May, 2009.

version 7.0.6002

I guess that means I should never update IE so I can keep the traditional Image Search.


what exactly do you mean?
The image search has changed a bit (I can see one - a single one - new line) but the rest of it was like that for months already… (before that, the image search was quite different, though)

What exactly is your problem with it?