Insanely long render times in latest version?

I just wanted to know if I am doing something wrong. Latest version of blender seems like it has longer rendering time in cycles? If I’m not mistaken 2000 samples is entry level for clean renders, and I’m getting the impression we’re looking at overnight for a large 3000X3000 render (not the same as before).

If you’re rendering 2000 samples for Cycles, you need to look at using the compositor to take noise out of your renders and get stuff done. Blendercookie did a great tutorial not long ago about using Renderpasses in the Compositor, and adding some good denoising techniques. Start there. It’s worth the time to study it.
I wouldn’t think of rendering more than 60 samples for Cycles animation, and using denoising techniques you can get away with a lot less. I tend to do 20 samples per frame now.

Don’t know if you have two graphics cards (I have dual power-hungry GTX 470s that I need to replace). But when I switched to rendering with one, things sped up for some reason. Not sure why, but will research it in the near future.

AND what Adam said. But I agree it… feels inconsistent since 2.64.

Thank you much for that. I’d love the idea of rendering with fewer samples! I still have quite a few more renders to do, so that will be a HUGE time saver. Thanks a lot.