Inscape, EPS to SVG

Trying to solve a problem: How does one take an EPS file and convert it to SVG for inscape? Is there a plug-in? Perhaps a dedicated program (open source/free) for this?

It’s not the prettiest solution, but OpenOffice Draw will do it. In fact, any picture format the OpenOffice can read can be exported to Inkscape readable SVG.

dude, thanks, I just spent a whole day trying other programs, now I’ll have to try that

gracias skottish - your suggestion worked for me

You can use GhostScript, or (preferably) GSview, with pstoedit installed to convert to various vector formats.

From GSview, go to Edit>Convert to vector format. Then select input file, output format and settings, and presto!

EDIT: aw, shucks. Old thread! Dammit, harko :stuck_out_tongue: