Insect Demon update

(Darkelfv) #1

check at the bottom of the page, its my latest update for the cg challenge. What you guys think of my insect demon

(S68) #2


Very scary :slight_smile: I like much the new head without protuding mandibles.

Budy too is really nice. I want to see it textured :slight_smile:

Good to see you placed six arms/legs like real insects have, real insects on the other hand has four wings but, well, this is art isn’t it?


(SKPjason) #3

Amazing detail!! Holy cow… what an insect nightmare… Spindly legs… yet they appear muscular, and fully capable of tearing me apart… GREAT modeling…

Then I went to your homepage… and I must say - that pine tree pic of yours is the most wonderfully detailed mesh I’ve ever seen… every needle was clear and distinct… my god man… is there anything you cannot do… I hope we’ll see more of your work in the future.



(Darkelfv) #4

well he is kinda clutered with detail, there are four legs a tail 3 wings on each side and four arms, a smaller set of arms holding daggers. there are more shots on pages 1 and 2 . I dont like the wings I am thining about a more of a Dragon type wing.

(S68) #5


I missed the fourth pair of arms :wink:


(Darkelfv) #6

Thx I really greatfull for your guys comments, I havent been doing this too long and I really hope to get a job soon doing 3d modeling. I dont have a job now and just trying to make lots of demo material, im going back to my 2d art and making models of things i have drawn. You will be seeing lots of my 2d wierdness showing up in after this contest is over

(Darkelfv) #7

look again Wing update

(S68) #8


much better wings, not insect-like but nicely demonish!!!

My only suggestion is that they get maibe too thin on the joint with the demon back :slight_smile:


(pofo) #9

Much better, really like those wings.

Only problem is… :o he’s not cute

great work
8) pofo