Insect Robot

Hello everybody! I work for a contest with the theme “Robotics,” I decided to make a robot insect.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks! :wink:

Final Render:

3D View:

Untextured Render:

Nice render! IMo, you shouldn’t use an exteror HDRi in that scene, 'cause it’s clearly an interior enviroment…

Wich renderer did you use?

Very nice texturing and an interesting interpretation of the concept.

V1k1ngo - Thanks for the comment, I used Internal Renderer.

Danilius - Thanks!

Its looking really great and the texturing is awesome.

One thing though:
Please dont upload your work to imageshack, if its something that you call artwork (which i assume you do) than you should checkout

Even if you dont want to join deviantart, there are better imagehosts than imageshack, because imageshack loads reaaaally slow in comparison to others.

Jimmyon - Thanks for the comment and tip!

Wow. That’s some pretty model intensive work.

Great work,

GraphiX and Stilobique, Thanks!!

Great work, beautiful

Thanks man!

Outstanding modeling!!!
The scenery it self kinda flattens the image a little, so as single material body.
In my oppinion you can doo much more with this model…make it 10m big for example …its up to you really.

Take care

Yeah this is a great model and render.

+1 on not digging Imageshack. There are lots of better ways to host images for sure. You can even get free websites from yola (as well as many many other sites) and make your own website or gallery with plenty of free space. I just happened to like yola because it had all the things I was looking for 1) free 2) no ads 3) easy to build a site online and 4) lots of free space.

But back to the image, I love the almost classic (1930’s 40’s scifi) look of it. Very well done!

GC-Predator and Richard Culver - Thank you for the comments and suggestions!