Insect(s) [UPDATED], maybe final?

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Hi fellow Blenderers,

<EDIT>See Post #8 for update</EDIT>

here’s an updated version of the dragonfly WIP I posted last week


I am not fully stisfied with seeds motion blur.

They are (of course) dupliverted particles flowing in the wind. Motionblur is also used at the same time for faking focal blur. Maybe two things interact badly?

OSA is 16 and on, MBLUR on, Bf=1.000



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/me bumps his head in the monitor, repeatedly.


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WOW :o . Great composition Stefano. The flower looks great, (except for that intersection of the wing).

The blur looks pretty good. Maybe try the DOF plug in instead?

Great work man!


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Thanx for comments & tip…

I tried strubi’s plugin, it is faster, but it does not work wit materials with transparencies… and 50% of those materials are transparent…

It also doesn’t work with the Unified renderer, and the UR is so better when you have transparencies…

I’m re-rendering without intersection and Bf=0.750…

let’s see


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I don’t know what a “dupliverted particle” is, but I definately like the seeds you threw in there… I need to go find some details on dupliverted particles… looks like a cool new effect to try out :slight_smile:

Also, I like’ the dragonfly model. The little arms with the blades are cool and the way the body tapers in sections.

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It is usefull when you want to scatter almost randomly copies of the same stuff.

Make a model

Make a particle emitting mesh.

Parent the model to the mesh.

In the ‘Anim Buttons’ Press ‘DupliVerts’ Button

That’s it, now you have a copy of your model wherever a particle is

Beware, rendering times can incredibly increase


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Oh wow, that sounds sweet! Thank you very much for the details S68… I could definately see a use for that :slight_smile:

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I love the fantasy feeling all over it :smiley:

very nice done !!!


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new updated version:

Wing and stelum now don’t intersect :stuck_out_tongue:

Motion Blur factor down to 0.750, maybe better now.



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I like alot!
Though I’d prolly swat it with a shoe if I ever saw it this close irl.

And that flower looks awesome.

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:o very nice! great scene u have there… very creative :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanx for comment s, nice to hear master blenderers likes my stuff :wink:


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Yay! :o really nice work!
can’t say more :smiley:

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Thanx for comment s, nice to hear master blenderers likes my stuff [icon_wink.gif]

Hehe, I’ll work on earning that

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good modeling, but the background has to be changed, maybe some nice grass, or something that varies rather then just a straight sand texture.


“i dream in mesh”

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Very nice, i love the bright cartoonie feel of your use of colour, very alive and vibrant. Awesome job!!!
Are we going to see this as an animation at any point? I think that would be choice!!! :wink:
Anywayz, good work and keep on blendin’.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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Hem, that is the sky… camera is in the grass looking slightly up and horizon an farther grass is off scene…

On that planet skies are apricot-coloured :slight_smile: