Insect thingy Not An Ant :)

(JoOngle) #1

Modelled in 2 hours.
Any suggestions?


(S68) #2


I like it, and it’s definitely not an ant.

Technically insects have 6 legs all protuding fron their chest, while yours has 4 legs in the cest and two on the head… but… well… who cares?


(EnV) #3

I agree with Stefano: it looks more like a mite, or something similar.
Why don’t you try to add a tiny bump with stucci to imitate the little depressions in bug’s skin and to break spec on the surface?

(JoOngle) #4

Blender has bumpmapping? :o I tried to follow one tutorial i found on the net on earlier
tests with Blender but it seemed like they faked bumpmapping by using some sort of
surface surf displacement - in 3dstudio max for example you just add a map to the
bump map slot and increase the number (and the bumped effect increase)

Any idea how to do that here or does it have to be faked the complex way?


(EnV) #5

It is exactly the same thing as in 3d max, but in Blender the bump slot is signed “nor”. You can add images or procedurals (like stucci) as bump map.
If you don’t knew this, I suggest you try some tutorial on Blender textures.



(JoOngle) #6

Erhm…Yes :slight_smile: I just found out :wink:

Heavily bumped…


(EnV) #7

Nice. Bump more little (as in beatles, not the singers)?


(sten) #8

hey cool looking insect :wink: