Insect - Update 1/4

Ok, haven’t posted in a long while, thought I’d give you all the chance to rip me a new hole, so… Here is what I’ve been working on most recently. Not modeled after any one insect, trying to come up with something original but have characteristics of insects. By no means is this finished but I wanted to get some early feedback on where I’m at now.

So far I have just the legs, minus the feet, and main body done (half anyway :wink: ). And in the second image I have placed a node where I’ll be adding a wing shortly. Got to playing with the ramp shaders so that ate up some of my time. Let me know if you see anything you think should be fixed or added. Thanks.

So far this is all quads, there are no tris, I can post a wire later, didn’t have time to render one before work today.


The legs look just a little bit too long for being so close together. Also, a little of that insecty leg hair (kinda shark finny) always ramps up the creep factor. A little more space between the legs for that, maybe. (My first impression was: ant)

I’m no entymologist, but shouldn’t the wings be more in the middle for balance? Over the legs, maybe, in a super-segment? (I’ll withdraw that observation if shown wrong.)

Good organic shape in the legs and body. Did you use NURB-doughnuts? I luv NURB-doughnuts.

Good work so far. Are you using the latest test build with the modifier stack? The mirror modifier makes things a lot quicker.

Also, if you’re messing with ramps, check the ramp shaders video tutorial here:

Good work. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

In the end, I want this image to be almost a surreal looking creature, I’ve been looking at some of my Dali and other surrealist painter books for insperation, which is why I went with the super long legs. The reason I made the wing node in front of the legs is that I still have to add the head and I’m figuring that the head-segment will be larger then the main leg segment so it will balance the weight that way, if later it looks wrong I’ll move it back for sure, thanks for the concern!! :slight_smile: Oh, and once I have a good shape down and I fuse the two sides together I’m going to add all the little hairs and spikes after converting the subdivision into a mesh, will give me more verts to play with B)

Actually, I’m using 2.37a and I started with a circle and subdivided it and then started tweaking it to hell. I wish I new how to use that mirror mod but alas I’m not using 2.4a, waiting for a more complete version first. Your right though, it would make it a lot easier to do.

As for the tut, I saw you link it in someone elses thead yesterday, and I had been looking for a way to create irridecents for a few days now, which is why I started messing with it last night. Thanks for the link!! 8)

here’s a new image of some more ramp shade tests, and I did a little modeling too, but not sure I’ll keep any of that. Will probably end up putting the wing over the middle leg for balance as was suggested. So, anyone like the way this ramp shade effect looks?? :-?


I like it, needs wings, and bad ass head…
Keep up the good work!
ps… 3rd post!

verry nice so far , one crit , is there a head on there now , or are you going to add one later , because most insects have a segmentation for a neck , like you have for the thorax , and dont forget nothings more surreal then incect eyes reflecting everything as it jitters back and fourth and insects have no limit on the size or type of eyes and dali would sometimes have a different reflection in the eyes :smiley:

still verry nice so far i like the legs needs some classic spike hair like the legs on spiders and ticks


Still a work in progess in and of it’s self but I wanted to show some progess on this. The wing will have a membrane between the all the sections like the tip has already. Still no head or feet, but soon™. C&C welcome.


Ok, so I thought I’d bump this since it’s at the bottom of the page, but I also have a question that perhaps someone can help me with.

Right now the wing is unfinished, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have it done tonight if I get a chance to work on it. As it is right now, the membrane that will fill the subsections of the wing are only a face thick. Should I add a face look inside each section and make the membrane have a small thickness or would it really matter. As it is now, I doubt I can UVmap this thing with my currect skills (would just end up pulling my hair out) so I’m planning to just use procedural textures. What I want them to look like is a bit transparent with patterns on them that are less transparent. The texture/material I can set up no problem, but the effect on a single face vs two faces with outward facing normals is really what I’m questioning, will that have an effect on how the material works? Any ideas? Thanks for any replys.

well…if you do want to try to UVmap. use the new Live LSCM mapping ! it makes UV mapping soooooo easy. and it looks like your wings are a series of tubes, and if so, that should be really easy. just place seams running along the bottoms of the tubes as they flow down the wing…basically so they all spread out flat.

and as far as the membrane goes…i would just make it with a face for each section, give it a clear material and then add a ramp shader for that “irredescent” look.

So far the whole thing is one mesh, made from a circle, they are tube like structures but they are all connected [no tri’s either, all quads :)], the faceloop select (shift+r) select almost the whole wing and a row of the body. Wasn’t sure if when I was done with the wing if I should make it a seperate object for rigging and what not. Perhaps I’ll DL the newest version and try out some of the features, wanted to put some static hair particles on this as well, we’ll see.

Single face it is then with the ramp shader! Thanks Nehpets

Ok, I finished up the wings and added in some feet. Let me know what you think, c&c greatly appreciated. I’m now onto making the head and adding fine detailing.

1280x1024 Version


its looking pretty good. if you have the ramp shader its hard to tell. im not sure why…it might be the shader settings. try applying the same shader to a ball or something with similure lighting and see what happens. if it doesn’t work try tweaking it a bit

Thanks for the reply nehpets!! Looks like if the alpha is too low you don’t see the ramp shader, and even with the alpha up, which makes the wing look too opaque IMO, you only see the primary tone because the wing is flat. I think I need to add a bit of a bow to the wings to really take advantage of the ramp shader. Maybe I’m wrong, anyone have any other advise or ideas regarding the ramp shader, or giving the wings some irridesence?

The catch is, the model won’t gain that quality until you place it in an environment with identifiable objects that will provide a sense of scale. Until then it will look to most like a misshapen long legged bug.

The legs, and with your most recent render, the wings, look deformed. Put a few minerature humans around his feet, for example, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving the desired effect.

Yes, well, your right and all, but I’m still just finishing the model of the insect. Once that is done I can put it in a scene. But thanks for the input :wink:

an idea, maybe worthless.
If irridescense means kind of partially transparent, then maybe blend
material as halo and alpha in use could make wings have in the middle more transparency than in the edges. But the transparency would be circular in shape, so maybe it is not a good idea. Alpha map in gimp or in some photoeditor shaped in the form of wings would look nice.

I will check out the insect when you get progress done on it, would like to
see it multicolored/textured.

Ok, here’s another update. It may not look like a lot but I was trying to play with particles but was not getting the desired effect. Is there a build for the mac of the latest blender with the “hair/furr” package? I was unable to fine any doing searches, just a lot of talk about it. Anyway, I’d love to get ahold of that live LSCM and do some UVmaps of this to really bring it to life so I’m waiting for that to really finish up the textures, so what you see now is more for fun then for finish.
Insect Test Render 010

I also worked on a terrain for the scene, not sure if I’ll use it for this project or another but I thought I’d show it off too, it’s still in it’s early stages as well, texture was just so I had something there to see. Let me know what you think so far.
Terrain Test Render 001

@ j
Thanks for the ideas. In the end I’ll probably end up UVmapping the wings and giving them a nicer look then simply a transparent one. Take a look at the newest additions and let me know your thoughts. :slight_smile:

It`s looking real nice, the colors doesnt convince me, they are too bright for my taste, in the wings i would add a texture for spec so it has all those colors they usually have in insects, maybe a magic texture.
The background looks like a good start :smiley:

Orange color in the joints looks good and in the tongue.
The red and blue do not seem to work well.
Terrain is great.