Insectoid Invader Dynamic Topology Sculpt

Hi all, here is my latest work a dyntopo sculpt of an insect like creature. 280800 tris and 140409 verts. :evilgrin: Stills rendered in Cycles and the animation is rendered with Matcaps in OpenGL view. Enjoy! :RocknRoll: Comments and critiques appreciated! More renders to come soon! :slight_smile:

at first, it looked really creepy…then i noticed the tiny mouth. yayyy! it cant eat me :smiley:
i’d love to see it in full color and lighting

also, in my scientific opinion, i dont think it looks anything like an insect. insects have HARD exoskeletons made of chitin, this creature has a wet soft looking body (in the animation)
again, it doesnt have the HUGE compound eyes most insects have (relative to head size)
and insects dont have nostrils :slight_smile:
so just find sth else to liken it to…cos this is waaaaay out of their (insects) league :smiley:

nerd mode deactivated
it looks nice :smiley:

oh, i forgot to mention in my nerd mode
it has no mandibles…and most insects do

Yea but it’s is not an insect, its an insectoid :slight_smile: No you are right I actually am planning on adding mandibles eventually. I am working on a texture but with so many verts it is hard to texture paint! :slight_smile:

cant wait to see those bone crushing mandibles :slight_smile:
keep up the good work!