Insert a keyframe for Rigid Body "Animated" parameter to many object ?


I wonder if it’s possible cause it would be a big, big gain of time :

Let’s say we have 100 objects. If you select all of them, click “I” and choose LocRot, Blender inserts keyframes for all objects.

If I want to do this with the “Animated” parameter in Rigid Body when objects are all “Active”, I can’t.

  • Right button -> Copy to selected put the parameter (checked or unchecked) on all objects but not the keyframe
  • I try Right button -> “Add to keying set” but no success

I can do CTRL + L and link animation data but as it’s linked, it does some weird results (all objects seems to take the same origin and so their location are not good).

Any idea ?

If it’s not possible, it would be a great feature.