Insert a mesh in a face/ paste a face on another

Good morning everyone,
I am working on my first object ever in Blender. I managed to succeed in most of the challenges, but now I require some help for a particular situation.

So I shall put the problem as following: there is face, not aligned with any axis (A), and another, smaller one (B). I would like to put B in A, to make them perfectly parallel and merged.
I could use the “knife” tool, but it is still quite difficult and sometimes inefficient, or not sharp enough. So I am looking for a way to “bide” the two faces with the best precision that Blender allows.

You may have guessed, I am new on this forum, so please forgive my errors if I make some, and do not be too hard with my language (I am french).

Thanks in advance.

Depending on what you intend to use it for there usually is more than one solution.

One approach would be to simply overlap the two elements and then leave them like that.

Another is, if it’s intended to be one piece is that you select two vertexes you want to be one. press ‘space bar’ type ‘merge’ and pick any respective choice. Do this to all the others as well. Then select the edge loop, press ‘x’ and go ‘delete edge loop’ at the very bottom.

For this kind of issue a screenshot would make it easier to visualize what you require.

Well, thanks for your help. I think I finally manage to do it with the “snap” tool, but I face a new problem with this.
Now that I manage to get a face on another, I would like to use it in order to make a hole in the same shape.

As you see on the picture, I added the same type of faces on the two sides of my model. Now, the goal is to pierce them. I tried in many ways, but for now, no one worked correctly.


That’s a nice manip, thank you!

There is only one problem left though: it looks like Blender doesn’t support to have a face with holes. I mean, when I try to merge all the faces around a hole, even if there is only one left, Blender says “Could not have merged faces”. So whatever I try, I am forced to keep two edges cutting the face with the holes. I wastes the work.

Is there a solution?


Well you can try to delete the edge instead of the face. That would still leave the vertexes.

What you’re looking at anyhow is an ‘nGon’. They’re not suitable for animation and undesirable for textures. †

The quads in the example above were left for that reason.

The video below will explain polygons.

Thanks for the advice. I’m not using Blender nor modelisation tools since very long, so I miss some basic rules.

If I get it, no matter the number of edges on my face, these edges wont appear on the final result, hidden by the textures? (in object mode they are still visible).

Anyway, thank you for warning me about ngons. My works is actually full of them, I didn’t realize that they could be negative. So I only need to use the tool “triangulate face” I presume?