Insert a "pause" in the camera animation

hi guys,
I am doing a simple animation for a project.
I am totally new in the animation world and just wondering the way i could STOP camera from moving and then start again.
if i just insert keyframes in a different timeline spot, the camera continues to move. therefore i would need of a hint on how to make it stay on a fixed position and then start moving again when i decide to.

ty vm :smiley:

If you want your camera to stop during a pause, the keyframe at the start of the pause need to be the same than at the end of the pause, for the location and for the rotation of course.
For example, you can go in the dope-sheet and duplicate the start keyframe at the pause end place, if your camera is already animated.

and then start once again with new keyframes when needed?
let’s say i animate the camera at kfs 20 - 40 -100 then i want the cam to stay fixed till kf 150 and then it has to move once again at 150, i simply duplicate kf 100 -> to 150 and then simply work as usual?

Yes, this method is good when your camera is already animated and you whant to add a pause somewhere in the movement, I believed this was your question.

If you didn’t animate your camera and you want to start now, there’s an easier method :
animate your camera from 0 to 100 as usual then, go at frame 150 without changing anything on your camera and add a location rotation keyframe and then you can animate your camera as usual again after frame 150.

Basicaly, when you want to make a pause on an object, just create a keyframe at the begining of the pause and another at the end of the pause without changing anything between these two keyframes.

yeah that’s exactly what i wanted :smiley:
simple but not so smooth to me :stuck_out_tongue:

i will try next time!

ty vm :smiley: