Insert a portrait into a blender generated environment

Hello everybody
I’m a fashion photographer and I’m trying to start to use blender in order to produce images where landscape/environment is rendered and I insert within a real portrait picture, trying to obtain a photorealistic result.
This is a very very very “raw” example of what I’d like to obtain:

First of all I’m trying to learn basics, then I’ll start to make more specific questions, but please feel free to start to give me any suggestion you could have in this type of work

You would want to record your focal length number, f stop, sensor size, the location of the camera from the ground and the angle of the camera.

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you could try the HDRI Maker 2 add-on.
I think that that could work for you, as it works of HDRI images.

For more, see here, their examples are cars, but I’d think that works with people too:

I use that myself and have no connection with the producer of the add-on.