Insert an scene into another scene

How can i convert an scene into a datablock so i can manipulate it as a block into another scene? is it possible???

I have never done it before, but I am sure it can be done. Try looking at these two wiki articles:

You should find something there. Good luck!

humm, surfing in the wiki haven´t find that functionality; it seems like the option i m looking for should be introduced in the next blender version.
Ain´t am right???

Maybe this is like what you are looking for:

Blender Proxy Objects:

First of all thank you for your replies. I ve already seen that links, but they do not solve the main problem i m facing now: i want to create different situations in different scenes, and then integrate them into one single scene; the problem with that is that every linked object from each scene are keyframed at its original time and position and i dunno how to adapt it to the time and position of the BigScene. I mean, with the nla strips the time problem is solved, i just need to move the strips to the point where i want the actions of a given object to begin, but ¿how to modify the placement of the object without modifying it frame by frame? There might be a way with the nla editor, but i do not find it. The big question would be: How can i make the keyframed data of position and time a local property of the object, being able to move the object position keeping its intrinsic animation?