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Hi :slightly_smiling_face:, I’ve been working on this steampunk scene and I’m looking for some critique on what could seem odd/irrelevant/ill looking.
Especially, I was wondering if anybody would have some advice on the keyboard textures which I’m really strugling with ?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Don’t know what advice to add to this!! … It’s cool as anything!! Don’t change a thing!!

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Thanks :slight_smile: !

Hey there! Great work.

Some simple critiques

  • Keyboard looks pretty good to me! If you want it to stand our more it needs more visual contrast, either add a brighter colors to the edges of the keys. And compared to a normal keyboard the space between the groups of buttons is large.

  • For the overall image itself the lighting is dark, pretty hard to make out many details on the keyboard of the monitor. Maybe add a rim light from the top left of the image? My attention is drawn to the background and the table more than the computer since it’s so dark.

Very good though! Keep up the great work!