insert files and Video dinamically in blender

(chart) #1

:-? Does anyone know can I insert a video intro before the game begins?
Also, can files be loaded dynamically into blender?

(OTO) #2

It’s not possible with the Creator version!!
But i guess that it’s available in the Publisher version( i don’t have it:((

(Cyber-Junki) #3

you can add .avi’s to animations as a texture to an object, but I don’t think you can do it when creating games though…hopefully they’ll add this in the future. In a regular animation you just run a movie texture on top of a plain and point the camera at it…and make sure the frames played co-inside within the movie, then point the camera at it. havn’t tried this in game mode…but I’'m pretty sure it doesn’t work like it does in regular anime output. so I guess it doesn’t help you, but give it a try, and maybe you can tweak it to where it does. i think the guy that made game deployer is planning on allowing that to work in his next version. publisher may allow it as well. not sure.