Insert grab system to this game

Hello (first sorry for my english)

I should one pray, I few days solve this problem. I try to insert grab system to this work:

I mean for example this system:

but my skill is very poor :frowning:
I wanted someone to ask, if it was anyone out there willing to add, on my project.

Thank you very much! Peter

Seems as though that this is not a resource, but rather a topic for support or WIPs. But I will look at the file.

Wow. This is a complicated setup. I even deleted all your setup and copied from the grab.blend file! And that didn’t work! Have you posted on the guy’s thread that made this setup?

Thanks for trying Joystik Studios!

Hmm sorry if I missed topic. Complicated :frowning: I want simpply FPS (move, mouselook, jump) and simply grab system. May not be the one grab.blend file I joined me. For example:
may change my script for move and mouselook, to work drag and drop system. Oh my english. Sorry