Insert key

I’ve been reading blender manual, and noob-to-pro book, but unable to find the difference between options that appear when “I” key is pressed, perhaps someone here can clarify the difference for me. Loc Rot Scale, are pretty self explanitory, but what are needed and available do?

The I-KEY is window sensitive. So if you press the I-KEY in the 3D window you will get a list of options for 3D objects. If you press the I-KEY in the material window you will get material related keyframe options.

Just try it out!

Select the cube and press the I-KEY to insert a LOC keyframe. Then advance the timeline to another frame and move the cube. Press the I-KEY again and you have created an animation.

You can animate color changes in the material window using this same technique of pressing the I-KEY at different points along the timeline.

Ok! That’s what I got:

Needed= This mode just add a key frame in channels that has changed, for example: Take the default cube and from top view, move the cube to the left and insert keyframe “Loc” at frame 0; Now go to frame 100(for example) and move to right and add another keyframe “Loc”; In the “Ipo Editor” you can see that three channels “LocX”,“LocY” and “LocZ” have curves activated, but just “LocX” have a curve with modified values… the others “LocY-Z” are not modified but the key frames are added but dont affect anything… Here the “needed keyframes” really help’s us! Move the timeline to frame 50 and move the cube on “Y” direction and press “i” in the 3d window and add a “needed” keyframe: Note in the IPO Editor that just Channel “Y” have the curve modified because you just change the “Y” direction or location… so: “Needed” keyframes just add keyframe when you need and just in channels that you change the values!

Available= This mode add key frame on all channels even if you dont change the values… but just in channels that already exists…

I hope it help you!

that was very informative, this will make my workflow much faster, thank you guys very much