Insert Keyframe Problem

When I insert a key frames (KEYI in 3D model) i don’t get a list of keysets?

KEY I used to give me a list of key frame options (Loc, Scale etc.) I now get no menus. Blender just reports that three key frames have been successfully inserted for Keyset Location. If I create a new model, the normal insert key frame functions return.

What have I done? How can I reset Blender to get the normal list of key sets back.

Thanks …s

(Blender 2.63 r45996)

First ensure you have not set another keying set.


I had trouble clearing the entry in the keying set dialog you showed. But managed it in then and that solved the problem. Many thanks, I’d have never found it.

FWIW: its not possible to delete or backspace to remove the keyset, you have to type in a space and then hit enter to clear it (or go to the properties panel)